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Open date : 08-09-2017   Close date : 03-12-2017

A Newcastle Museum travelling exhibition showcasing children’s author and artist Jeannie Baker's latest picture book, Circle.

Strange Trees

Open date : 11-08-2017   Close date : 26-11-2017

Strange Trees brings together Tasmanian art works of “peculiar” trees spanning the colonial and contemporary periods, demonstrating a continuing fascination with the island’s trees and the mysteries they uphold.

Hobiennale 2017

Open date : 04-11-2017   Close date : 12-11-2017

TMAG is a partner venue for this new festival, which brings together artist-run initiatives and emerging artists from across Australia and New Zealand.

The Derwent

Open date : 28-07-2017   Close date : 05-11-2017

The Derwent exhibition explores Tasmania's Derwent River system and its complex natural and cultural histories though video and photography.

Inscription and Place

Open date : 22-06-2017   Close date : 22-10-2017

A display presenting a poetic exploration of place, family and objects told through contemporary jewellery.

Make Your Mark: Home

Open date : 04-10-2017   Close date : 22-10-2017

This exhibition presents the works of young people from the Hobart, Glenorchy, Waratah-Wynyard and Circular Head municipalities, focusing on the theme of ‘home’ through the medium of 3D sculptural media.

Winnie-the-Pooh and friends

Open date : 21-04-2017   Close date : 20-08-2017

This exhibition presents a selection of original drawings for the much loved illustrations by British artist Ernest Howard Shepard (1879-1976) for the classic children’s books Winnie-the-Pooh and Wind in the Willows.

The Art of Science: Baudin’s Voyagers 1800 – 1804

Open date : 07-04-2017   Close date : 09-07-2017

An exhibition showcasing original sketches and paintings created by Nicolas Baudin’s artists Charles-Alexandre Lesueur and Nicolas-Martin Petit during the voyage of 1800-1804.

kanalaritja: An Unbroken String

Open date : 09-12-2016   Close date : 21-05-2017

An exhibition offering a unique glimpse into shell stringing, one of the most culturally significant and closely guarded traditions of the Tasmanian Aboriginal community.

Patricia Giles: A World of My Own

Open date : 20-01-2017   Close date : 09-04-2017

This exhibition features a series of stunning watercolours of Tasmania’s East Coast by much-loved Tasmanian artist Patricia Giles.

Full Void

Open date : 17-03-2017   Close date : 08-04-2017

An exhibition of charcoal drawings by Mary Scott and David Edgar, presented as part of Ten Days on the Island 2017.

One Hell of an Inferno: The 1967 Tasmanian Bushfires

Open date : 16-12-2016   Close date : 19-03-2017

This exhibition tells the story of the 1967 Tasmanian bushfires, why they occurred, their impact on people, communities and the environment, and how they could happen again.

The Early Dutch Explorers

Open date : 09-02-2017   Close date : 05-03-2017

Discover the extraordinary history of the 17th Century Dutch explorers who charted the Southern Ocean and The Great South Land.


Open date : 10-06-2016   Close date : 20-11-2016

A major new art exhibition conceived and developed by internationally acclaimed curator Juliana Engberg. With its roots in the Shakespearean play of the same name, Tempest will transform TMAG’s galleries into a world of shipwrecks and stormy seas, romance, discovery, tragedy and magic.

Antarctic Photography Exhibition

Open date : 02-09-2016   Close date : 18-09-2016

See stunning images of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean, finalists in the Australian Antarctic Festival's Antarctic Photography Competition, and cast your vote in the People’s Choice Award.

Snapshot Photography and Migrant Women: A Tasmanian Experience

Open date : 18-03-2016   Close date : 22-05-2016

Hear the fascinating stories of the thousands of migrant women from Britain and Europe who arrived in Tasmania post-war, through their snapshots and their own voices retelling their experiences.

Pattern Play

Open date : 18-12-2015   Close date : 15-05-2016

An interactive family exhibition celebrating the wonderful world of patterns, incorporating two exhibitions: Jemima Wyman: Pattern Bandits and Patterns in Nature.

Where Science Meets Art: The Botanical Illustrations of Rod Seppelt

Open date : 22-01-2016   Close date : 01-05-2016

Professor Rod Seppelt of the Tasmanian Herbarium is one of Australia's most accomplished botanical illustrators, and this exhibition presents several of his illustrations of bryophytes (mosses and liverworts).

Make Your Mark: Death

Open date : 11-03-2016   Close date : 30-03-2016

This exhibition presents the works of young people from the Central Coast, Devonport, George Town, Brighton and Glenorchy municipalities, focusing on the theme of ‘death’ through the medium of ephemeral art.

The Suspense is Awful: Tasmania and the Great War

Open date : 17-04-2015   Close date : 28-02-2016

This exhibition commemorates the role Tasmanians played in World War I and the impact the war had on Tasmanian society.

Panoramic Views

Open date : 26-09-2015   Close date : 17-01-2016

This exhibition features panoramas selected from TMAG's 19th century colonial watercolours and drawings collection.

Make Your Mark: Respect

Open date : 12-11-2015   Close date : 29-11-2015

An exhibition presenting Tasmanian young peoples' perspectives on issues that matter to them, through the medium of electronic art.

City of Hobart Art Prize 2015

Open date : 18-09-2015   Close date : 29-11-2015

The City of Hobart Art Prize 2015 presents a broad survey contemporary art exhibition from a national perspective in the media of ceramics and drawing.

Palfreyman's Pharmacy Display

Open date : 24-07-2015   Close date : 22-11-2015

This display recreates the well-known Palfreyman's Pharmacy, located on the corner of Burnett and Elizabeth Streets in North Hobart from 1912 until 1973.

50th Anniversary of Winston Churchill Fellowships in Tasmania

Open date : 08-10-2015   Close date : 24-10-2015

This exhibition celebrates the efforts of 191 Tasmanians who have travelled the world since 1965 as part of the Winston Churchill Fellowship scheme.

Beyond Woop Woop: John Kelly's Antarctic Paintings

Open date : 12-06-2015   Close date : 20-09-2015

This exhibition presents the paintings created by Australian artist John Kelly when he travelled to Antarctica in 2013  supported by an Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship.

Things I Once Knew: The Art of Patrick Hall

Open date : 20-03-2015   Close date : 30-08-2015

A survey exhibition of the work of Tasmanian artist and furniture maker Patrick Hall, representing the development of his artistic practice from the mid-1980s to the present.


Open date : 23-01-2015   Close date : 31-05-2015

This exhibition celebrates 21 years of service by the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery's Volunteer Art Guides.

164 Not Out! Tasmanian Cricket Treasures

Open date : 27-02-2015   Close date : 29-03-2015

A display of items and trophies from the history of Tasmanian cricket, to coincide with the ICC Cricket World Cup matches in Hobart during March 2015.

George Davis: Master Draughtsman

Open date : 06-12-2014   Close date : 01-03-2015

An exhibition revealing the consummate drawing skills of major Tasmanian artist George Davis, whose interests cross artistic and scientific boundaries.

Jorg Schmeisser: Antarctic Prints

Open date : 06-12-2014   Close date : 01-03-2015

An exhibition of the complete series of Antarctic prints presented by artist Jorg Schmeisser to the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.

Transplantation: a Sense of Place and Culture

Open date : 09-10-2014   Close date : 18-01-2015

This exhibition of contemporary narrative jewellery explores the sense of place and cultural identity through the theme of transplantation.

City of Hobart Art Prize 2014

Open date : 27-09-2014   Close date : 23-11-2014

The City of Hobart Art Prize 2014 presents a broad survey contemporary art exhibition from a national perspective in the media of glass and printmaking.

Bush Blitz In Focus: Discovering New Species in Tasmania

Open date : 31-07-2014   Close date : 05-10-2014

Learn how TMAG's zoologists and botanists are discovering new species in Tasmania as part of the Bush Blitz Program, and see some wonderful images of these fascinating plants and animals.

Pat Brassington: À Rebours

Open date : 30-05-2014   Close date : 14-09-2014

A survey of works by leading Tasmanian photo-based artist Pat Brassington.

Make Your Mark: Freedom

Open date : 19-07-2014   Close date : 03-08-2014

A vibrant exhibition of youth art revealing the journeys that led to five street art murals being erected in public sites in the greater Hobart region.

Yin Xiuzhen: Washing River 2014

Open date : 20-06-2014   Close date : 06-07-2014

During Dark Mofo 2014, leading Chinese contemporary artist Yin Xiuzhen will build a wall of ice on the Hobart waterfront, using frozen water from the River Derwent.

Drawn With Intent

Open date : 18-12-2013   Close date : 22-06-2014

The second exhibition looking at the drawings of Australian artists from TMAG's extensive collection, featuring work largely from the 1970s and 1980s.

Capital and country: the Federation years 1900 - 1914

Open date : 14-03-2014   Close date : 11-05-2014

A travelling exhibition of paintings from the national collection, developed as the National Gallery of Australia's gift to the nation in celebration of Federation and the centenary of the Federal Capital in 2013.

Mawson's Men

Open date : 21-01-2014   Close date : 04-03-2014

This photographic exhibition remembers and acknowledges 'Mawson's Men', including those who lost their lives so far from home.

Acts of Exposure

Open date : 14-12-2013   Close date : 23-02-2014

This exhibition features work by Tasmanian artists Leigh Hobba and Michael Schlitz, and NSW artist Mark Shorter, and is a joint initiative of TMAG and Contemporary Art Tasmania to promote contemporary artists.

Tatts in Tasmania

Open date : 13-12-2013   Close date : 23-02-2014

This exhibition recognises the history of a successful Australian company that grew from a strong Tasmanian base and whose lottery became a national institution.