TMAG Strategic Plan 2016-2021

Strategic Plan

The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG) has unveiled its Strategic Plan, which sets out the museum’s focus for 2016-2021 and the further transformation it will undertake to ensure Tasmania’s stories continue to be preserved, shared and enjoyed.

Director Janet Carding said the impact that TMAG seeks to make on the community over the next five years is to enrich, inspire and educate local and global communities by connecting them with Tasmania’s unique journey and place in the world.

“This will be achieved through a focus on four strategic outcome areas including being a welcoming physical and virtual destination; having strong collections that tell Tasmania’s story; developing an involved community and using resources in a transformational way,” Ms Carding said.

“In order to achieve the impact we seek to make on the community we serve, TMAG needs to adapt to the changing nature of museums and do things differently.

“Like other museums and galleries around the world who are shedding their image as static, passive repositories, TMAG aspires to be a modern, dynamic sustainable organisation that is response to our visitor’s needs.”

Chairman of Trustees Geoff Willis said that the additional funding TMAG was allocated as part of the 2016-17 State Budget would help the museum start to realise the range of important goals outlined in the Strategic Plan.

“One of the first goals to be implemented is the establishment of an effective governance framework for the museum, and Minister for the Arts Dr Vanessa Goodwin has announced that the Government has begun the process of drafting legislation that will enable TMAG to become a Statutory Authority,” Mr Willis said.

“This legislation will address the concerns expressed by the Auditor General in his report from March 2015 regarding the lack of clarity around roles and responsibilities relating to TMAG's management, and will provide the Trustees with the powers to manage a 21st century museum.

“Also, as previously announced, TMAG will be introducing seasonal opening hours commencing on Boxing Day 2016, which is another step towards achieving the museum’s goal of becoming a welcoming and accessible destination.”

Ms Carding said another key part of the Strategic Plan is to activate TMAG through a dynamic program of exhibitions, events and activities year-round, and the upcoming Tempest exhibition was a perfect example of the museum working to meet this goal.

Tempest sets a new level for the dynamic exhibitions and programs the museum aspires to deliver as a must-see tourist destination and cultural hub for all Tasmanians,” Ms Carding said.

“It also demonstrates our commitment to developing partnerships in order to create exciting and innovative projects for the public, and we feel that the community has a large role to play in helping us to deliver on the goals outlined in the Strategic Plan.

“We look forward to talking with our stakeholders and the community over the coming months as we continue to develop our plans for achieving our goals over the next five years.”

Download the TMAG Strategic Plan 2016-2021 here.