Holiday in the Antarctic at TMAG

Holiday at TMAG 

There is plenty to see and do at TMAG this holiday season – especially for families keen to explore the Antarctic! 

Traversing TMAG, a new activity trail, guides young visitors through three exhibitions that explore the art, history and science of the Antarctic region. The trail extends through three exhibitions: 

- Traversing Antarctica: the Australian experience, which marks the 100th anniversary of the 1911-14 Australasian Antarctic Expedition.

- Artists in Antarctica, which presents paintings, drawings and prints by artists who have travelled to Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic region.

- Islands to Ice, which explores the places, the people, the creatures and the phenomena that make the great southern wilderness a world of its own.

Traversing TMAG provides opportunities for learning and fun, and visitors who complete the trail can go into the draw to win a $50 Museum Shop voucher.

As well as Traversing TMAG, young visitors can also borrow an activity backpack to help explore TMAG’s permanent exhibitions, Islands to Ice and Medals and Money. Activity backpacks and the Traversing TMAG trail are both available from Visitor Reception.

Also, between now and 30th January TMAG’s Centre for Learning and Discovery education staff will be popping up in the galleries to chat to visitors about the exhibitions and maybe even do an activity or two. It’s a little more of a chance encounter than a formal program, but be sure to look out for our educators during your visit!