Last chance to visit the old TMAG

Tasmanians are urged to take a last look at TMAG in its current form, before a large portion of the museum closes on 1 September 2011 for the start of the redevelopment Stage 1 works.

This week will be the last week visitors can see much-loved galleries such as the Colonial art and Zoology galleries and the Tasmanian Aboriginal gallery, ningenneh tunapry, before they need to be packed up to enable the commencement of construction.

It will still be a few weeks before we see construction start in earnest, but the museum staff are now in the final stages of packing up the galleries in order to protect the collection during this time of exciting change.

Over the last few months visitors will have noticed changes within the galleries and public spaces as TMAG has been in the early works phase which is about to culminate in some major changes.

From 1 September 2011 TMAG will become a smaller museum in the short term and visitors will arrive at the museum through the doors at 5 Argyle Street that many visitors will remember from their visits during their childhood.

Several gallery spaces have already been cleared of exhibitions and undergone preparatory works revealing original features of the heritage buildings.

Visitors will be able to continue to enjoy the windows facing over Argyle Street, revealed for the first time in 100 years, in the Henry Hunter-designed gallery that will house the Museum café and shop for the duration of Stage 1.

During the few days from Monday 29 to Wednesday 31 August there will be temporary disruption to services including the shop and café while these are relocated to alternative locations, but these services will be restored as quickly as possible.

TMAG will continue to offer an exciting exhibition series, along with supporting education and public programs, as well as continuing to act as a loan hub for the popular Artbikes.