Last chance to farewell a (really) old TMAG favourite

Penny and Matt with our beloved muttaburrasaurus 

This weekend ( 5 & 6 March) is your last chance to say farewell to a really, really old member of the TMAG family with our much-loved Muttaburrasaurus being removed as redevelopment work commences.

The eight metre giant was discovered in 1963 by a Queensland farmer near the town of Muttaburra.

At the time it was the most complete dinosaur found in Australia.

Around 110 million years ago the Muttaburrasaurus was caught in Australia's then inland ocean and then trapped and preserved by the marine sediments.

Since arriving at TMAG, the Cretaceous Period dinosaur has dominated our Macquarie Street foyer, proving a popular backdrop for photos.

On Thursday 10 March, Muttaburrasaurus will be carefully de-installed, packed and stored, making room for the changes planned with our redevelopment.

Other redevelopment preparations are afoot next week, with displays in our Convict Gallery being removed.