Celebrating TMAG's coolest gallery


 Today (7 March) marks 5 years since our remarkable gallery - Islands to Ice: the Great Southern Ocean and Antarctica - opened its doors to the world.

(It also marks 99 years since Amundsen revealed to the world he'd reached the South Pole.)

Since then more than 1.5 million visitors have made their way through Islands to Ice.

We are using the milestone as a chance to give some of the displays a refresh and maintenance, so later this year we will be refurbishing parts of the gallery.

2011 marks 100 years since Douglas Mawson set off on his epic 1911-13 Australian Antarctic Expedition.

Islands to Ice is the place in Tasmania where the public can experience the Southern Ocean and Antarctica; with the Mawson centenary looming a refreshed gallery will provide a great focus for the celebrations.

The Antarctic Centennial Year (ACY) 2011-2012