Become part of The Reading Room

Bookworms and art lovers alike have a chance this Sunday (7 August) to be filmed reading a favourite book as part of The Reading Room installation.

Select a passage from one of your favourite books, fiction or non-fiction, that takes about one minute to read.

That’s about 130 words, or a third of a page in a fairly standard paperback.
Bring your book to the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery this Sunday (7 August) between 1 and 3pm.

Meet Brigita in the gallery and be filmed reading from your selected book.

Readers' videos will be edited over the next week and become part of The Reading Room installation.

The Reading Room
is part of Star/Dust, a year-long series of contemporary art experiences developed by three Tasmanian artists and presented with the support of Detached Cultural Organisation.

Visit The Reading Room website: