All hands on deck for redevelopment preparations

Russel Lewis-Jones prepares a rifle for storage

Maria Macdermott helping in Convict Gallery

We've embarked on a busy schedule of Early Works to prepare for the start of construction in September, and everyone is playing a part.

Many staff who aren't directly involved in the redevelopment project have put up a hand to help out with the long list of jobs that need doing.

Last week two of our Visitor Service Officers, Maria and Russel, were in the thick of the action removing objects from our Convict Gallery.

The pair spent the week carefully removing objects from their display cases, helping check their condition, record, photograph and prepare them for storage.

Their assistance was invaluable to staff such as the registrar and curator and exhibitions officer overseeing the huge task of de-installing galleries in the lead up to construction.

Workers quickly moved in after to strip the historic room of its display fixtures.

There's little time for rest for everyone involved, they'll begin removing items from the Shipping and Indigenous Cultures galleries in April.