Long-term exhibitions

The Thylacine: Skinned, Stuffed, Pickled and Persecuted

Henry Hunter Galleries, Level 1

Exhibitions_-_ThylacineThe Tasmanian tiger, or thylacine, has come to symbolise all things Tasmanian, from cricket teams to beer. But as well as being a popular symbol, the story of the thylacine is also a powerful reminder of how easily a species can be lost. This gallery tells the story of the thylacine and its interactions with society through objects from the State Collection.

PLEASE NOTE: From Tuesday 9 November 2021, this gallery will be closed periodically while we improve the way we care for our precious and fragile thylacine specimens. We are moving the thylacines into anoxic display cases, which protect the objects inside by providing a sealed, oxygen-free environment. Oxygen promotes the deterioration of organic materials such as animal skin, and this deterioration can often be visible as yellowing, embrittlement and colour fading.

If the gallery doors are shut, we’re inside doing particularly delicate work and will reopen the area once we are done. We apologise to our visitors for any inconvenience, and we hope you will be able to come back again soon to visit the thylacines when they are at home in their new cases.