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Explore online resources produced and collated by the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery on a range of topics including art, First Peoples culture, history and climate change.

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Online resources

First Peoples of Tasmania

First Peoples of Tasmania

ningina tunapri Tasmanian Aboriginal exhibition
ningina tunapri is the story of the Tasmanian Aboriginal people, past and present. ningina tunapri means ‘to give knowledge and understanding’.

Watch an introductory video to the ningina tunapri exhibition for teachers

Voices of Aboriginal Tasmania ningina tunapri education kit - PDF 1.97 MB 

The Colonisation of Hobart
This ABC Education digibook, produced in collaboration with Tasmanian museums and cultural organisations, is designed for teachers to engage students in the history of the colonisation of Hobart. It covers several topics, including Tasmanian Aboriginal history, the arrival of Europeans, the Black War, what life was like for convicts and industries such as whaling. The digibook contains 34 individual videos, and teachers can choose to use one or all of them, depending on their lesson plans.

Access the digibook online

Lola Greeno: Cultural Jewels exhibition

Lola Greeno: Cultural Jewels Education Kit

Video of behind the scenes of the exhibition Behind the Scenes

Dr Julie Gough's paper Honouring the past / making a future – The Tasmanian Aboriginal shell necklace tradition.

kanalaritja: An Unbroken String exhibition
The kanaralitja: An Unbroken String exhibition offers a unique glimpse into shell stringing, one of the most culturally significant and closely guarded traditions of the Tasmanian Aboriginal community. The exhibition features a variety of works evidencing the stringing skills of Tasmanian Aboriginal Ancestors in the 1800s, the continuation, innovation and expansion of the practice by women on the Furneaux Islands in Bass Strait during the early 20th century, acclaimed makers of today as well as a new wave of stringers who had the opportunity to learn the tradition through the luna tunapri (women’s knowledge) cultural revitalisation project.

kanalaritja: An Unbroken String Teacher Guide

Visit the dedicated kanalaritja website where you can access the further resources.

tayenebe Tasmanian Aboriginal women’s fibre work exhibition
tayenebe is a south eastern Aboriginal word meaning ‘exchange’. This exhibition, developed over three years and inspired by the desire to reconnect with the cultural craft of Ancestors, includes the work of more than twenty women aged from seven to 87 years of age, alongside historical pieces and contemporary and historical interpretive material.

tayenebe website
tayenebe interpretive resource - PDF 1.9 MB

The Orb
A wide range of materials to assist in the teaching of Tasmanian Aboriginal histories and cultures across all learning areas and year groups. The Orb reflects the holistic nature of Tasmanian Aboriginal culture and the interconnections between people, Country, culture, identity and the living community.

Additional Tasmanian Aboriginal educational material
Aboriginal Tasmania, Newspapers In Education 2008 - PDF 1.65 MB
Tasmanian Aboriginal audio visual resources
Aboriginal Education Services

Antarctica, the sub-Antarctic islands and the Southern Ocean

Antarctica, the sub-Antarctic islands and the Southern Ocean

Islands to Ice: The Great Southern Ocean and Antarctica
This permanent TMAG exhibition invites you on a journey south to explore the places, the people, the creatures and the phenomena that make this great southern wilderness a world of its own.

Islands to Ice education kit - PDF  4.54 MB
Floor map of exhibition - PDF 286 KB

Islands to Ice education kit - supplementary resources
Captain Cook sheet, The Mercury Newspaper - PDF 565 KB
Diagram of bathymetry of Southern Ocean - PDF 466 KB
Earliest perceptions map - PDF 574 KB
Engine of the oceans: ocean of circulation - PDF 233 KB
Food web - PDF 176 KB
Joseph Hatch product labels - PDF 272 KB
Overall map of region - PDF 243 KB
Shelter in Antarctica igloo satellite cabin  - PDF 675 KB
Shelter in Antarctica Mawson's Hut - PDF 589 KB
Southern Ocean biomass - PDF 336 KB
Web of Life diagram 1 - PDF 306 KB
Web of Life with animal names - PDF 360 KB
Whale Media Archive part 1 - PDF 1.03 MB
Whale Media Archive part 2 - PDF 708 KB
Wind chill chart - PDF 131 KB
Under the ice: cross section through Antarctica - PDF 497 KB 

Ice e-mystery global student polar e-book
In this exciting collaborative project 12 classes from Alaskan schools and 12 from Australia wrote and illustrated polar mystery stories online.

Ice e-mystery website

Giant squid video
This short video shows the journey of a rare giant squid after it washed up on the Tasmanian West Coast  in 2007.

Follow the story of the giant squid

Art and Decorative Arts

Art and Decorative Arts

This Too Shall Pass exhibition

Explore This Too Shall Pass in a new way using a seek and find trail. Can you can find all of the mystery artworks? Collect a laminated class set to use while in the gallery from the Visitor Information Desk, or you can download it in advance. Suitable for all ages.

This Too Shall Pass – Trail (PDF 3.9 MB)

Hobart Current: Liberty exhibition

This resource provides discussion questions for teachers to use with students when attending the 2021 Hobart Current: Liberty exhibition.

Hobart Current: Liberty - Teacher Guide

Lucienne Rickard – Extinction Studies

This resource provides ideas for activities in technical drawing skill development and the creation of artworks as activism in response to social and environmental issues. A resource developed with the intention to assist teachers in planning for students’ engagement with – and response to – the work of Tasmanian artist Lucienne Rickard.

Lucienne Rickard – Extinction Studies – Education Resource

West: Out on the Edge exhibition

A resource to support self-guided visits to West: Out on the Edge, exploring the themes contained in the exhibition.

West: Out on the Edge - Teacher Guide

The National Picture exhibition

As part of the joint National Gallery of Australia and TMAG exhibition, The National Picture, an education resource was created for upper high school and college students. The resource provides engaging and critical perspectives on colonial art, including references to a number of key 19th Century artworks in the permanent TMAG collection. Importantly the resource also includes references to contemporary Aboriginal artists’ responses to those works.
This innovative resource provides a useful guide for any educators or students wanting to ‘unpack’ the art of this period and to consider the diversity of ways it may be viewed and understood.

The National Picture - Education Resource

In the Making

‘In the Making’ is a resource about creative processes. It is designed to help students and teachers understand how artists approach their work and the processes behind a range of different creative projects.

Access In the Making

Tasmanian Colonial Decorative Arts 1803-1930

A selection of Tasmanian colonial decorative arts from the collection of the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

Tasmanian Colonial Decorative Arts 1803-1930 website

Putting Pencil to Paper: a way to start drawing

Putting Pencil to Paper: a way to start drawing - PDF with video 15 MB (right click and select 'save as' to play video)
Putting Pencil to Paper: a way to start drawing - PDF print version without video 3.7 MB

MOVE video art in schools 2010

This ground-breaking contemporary art resource, produced by Kaldor Public Art Projects, featured the work of 12 leading Australian artists and was distributed free to every secondary school and college in Tasmania in 2010.

Additional MOVE video art resources

Climate Change

Climate Change

Action against climate change
A brand new Australian Museum Eureka prize for year 7-10 students

Thinking about climate change: a guide for teachers and students
A resource adapted from Tim Flannery's book 'We are the Weather Makers'.

Tasmanian Flora and Fauna

Tasmanian Flora and Fauna

The Remarkable Tasmanian Devil exhibition
A resource to support self-guided visits to The Remarkable Tasmanian Devil, exploring the themes contained in the exhibition.

The Remarkable Tasmanian Devil - Teacher Guide

Field Guide to Tasmanian Fauna
Explore Tasmania’s unique and diverse wildlife at home or in the great outdoors with the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery Field Guide app. Visit our dedicated web page to find out more and download the app.

Atlas of Living Australia
The comprehensive database of species from across the country. TMAG's researchers contribute to this national project which has detailed information on species, locations, collections where specimen are held, maps and lots more.

Atlas of Living Australia - website

Flora of Tasmania Online
Flora of Tasmania Online presents information on all flowering plants, native and naturalized, found in the State of Tasmania. Information includes descriptions, keys, taxonomic relationships, distributions and ecology

Flora of Tasmania Online - website



West: Out on the Edge exhibition
A resource to support self-guided visits to West: Out on the Edge, exploring the themes contained in the exhibition.

West: Out on the Edge - Teacher Guide

Bond Store Exhibitions
The historic Bond Store at TMAG is home to three permanent exhibitions that explore the first 100 years of the European occupation of Hobart and Tasmania. This video provides educators with a brief overview of both the historic Bond Store and the exhibitions it contains. It also points educators to the resources available to support their visit when exploring the galleries on a visit to TMAG with their students.

Introduction to the Bond Store - Video

The Colonisation of Hobart
This ABC Education digibook, produced in collaboration with Tasmanian museums and cultural organisations, is designed for teachers to engage students in the history of the colonisation of Hobart.

Colonisation of Hobart - digibook

The Voyage
Created by the Australian National Maritime Museum, The Voyage is an online game based on real convict voyages. Players must make decisions, solve problems and deal with conflicts on a perilous journey across the globe.

Play The Voyage

The Suspense is Awful:Tasmania and the Great War
A special website and teacher's guide to accompany this exhibition, that commemorates the role Tasmanians played in World War I and the impact the war had on Tasmanian society.

The Suspense is Awful: Tasmania and the Great War website

The Suspense is Awful: Tasmania and the Great War teacher's guide - PDF  3 MB

The Soldiers Memorial Avenue (Hobart) - website

Shaping Tasmania: a journey in 100 objects
This online exhibition of 100 objects explores significant events and movements that have helped create the Tasmania we know today. Includes map locations, rotational and zoom imagery and audio and a mobile website for in-gallery use.

Shaping Tasmania - website

Our Changing Land: Creating Tasmania exhibition
This guide to TMAG’s 19th Century Tasmania exhibition will ensure students have a rich and rewarding experience delving into history through the permanent exhibition in the Bond Store.

Our Changing Land: Creating Tasmania - Teacher’s guide

The Baily Flag 1914
Discover the story of one amazing Tasmanian.

The Baily Flag story

Captured in Colour - Rare Photographs from the First World War
First World War photographers were keen to use the “modern” technique of colour photography, another technical marvel in an era dominated by scientific progress.

Online exhibition and education material- Australian War Memorial website

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