Children's Reference Panel Press Club

Members of the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery's (TMAG) Children's Reference Panel were on the ground at the TMAG Children's Festival 2018 to report on the events and activities that took place over the festival's six days. Read their responses to the festival below.

Opening Event

By Isabelle, 12

Opening Event

I attended the Children's Festival's opening day and events. When you first walked through the museum's gates, there was a buzzing feeling of excitement. Everyone gathered in the courtyard eagerly awaiting the opening event to start. In the opening event, some representatives from TMAG's children's reference panel talked and asked questions with the Lord Mayor Alderman Ron Christie and other people as well. As you entered the museum there seemed to be heaps of things to do! Such as the popular Building the Future activity where you could bring your imagination to life by using various materials such as cardboard and tape to make what you think a building of the future would look like. There was also Ask a Curator, that had lots of interesting things to look at. And there was my personal favourite, the footpath chalk gallery activity, where you could draw and create anything you please with chalk on the footpaths outside TMAG. These are just some of the many activities and things to do and see here at the TMAG 2018 Children's Festival.

Acrylic Cell Painting Workshop

By Denae, 13


The Acrylic Cell Painting workshop was a swirling success, with a full room of children ranging from 8 to 12 years. Step by step, the instructor led the children through the steps and techniques to achieve a beautiful acrylic cell painting.  The instructor and Kristianne, who won the CREATE! Artwork Competition, travelled between tables, helping, improving and offering feedback to the artists. Each child received equal attention, and the instructor and Kristianne were kind and helpful. Each kid's artwork, as a result, was uniquely creative. All the children not only brought into existence a stunning painting, but gave life to a beautiful vibe of creativity. The energy was contagious.

Touch Tours

By Jaida, 9

Touch Tours

On the Touch Tour, there were lots of children and parents who explored TMAG by handling and touching objects. The group felt a lot of different objects, like a fluffy masked owl, possums, ancient rocks, mutton birds, penguins, kelp, wombats, kangaroo skin and Abalone shells. The tour guide gave plenty of interesting information and facts about animal’s habitats, the way Aboriginals made shell necklaces and creative designs the Aboriginals made for leak-proof canoes. The tour strolled through Tasmania: Earth and Life exhibition and ningina tunapri. The tour was very fun, easy for children to understand and informative.

Festival Collage

By Morgan, 13


Through the 3 and a half days I spent at the Children's Festival I saw many activities, ranging from Building the Future to learning the famous Devil Dance. Even though everyday brought different activities the enthusiasm, excitement and participation all stayed the same. It was very obvious that the Children's Festival had been thoroughly thought out. The Festival was a great experience and helped me to understand the importance of community. The Children's Festival was a great way for all families to connect and bond with each other no matter the age. I saw many families working and exploring together. My favourite part of the Children's Festival was learning the Devil Dance. Overall the Children's Festival for 2018 was a great experience for all.