The TMAGgots

The TMAGgots 

Who are the TMAGgots?

The TMAGgots are a small not-for-profit volunteer-run community organisation with the sole aim of connecting people with the arts, culture, history, heritage and science through the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG) and other places. If you like things a little bit different, a little bit quirky, then you'll love what we do!

We hold regular events throughout the year, usually in Hobart and its immediate surrounds, which are based on exhibitions or happenings at TMAG, and events or activities of appeal elsewhere.

What do the TMAGgots do?

The TMAGgots strive to achieve something quite broad and intangible - a sense of belonging for young people and our members in their community and in the broader cultural environment in Hobart. 

We want people to feel invigorated by things that they experience at TMAG, and inspired and informed by their TMAGgots encounters there and elsewhere. We also seek to make a difference in whatever small way we can.

Wherever possible we support young local artists and musicians through our events, we use local caterers and we try to print all TMAGgots materials on 100% Australian made recycled paper.

What's with the name?

We love a good pun and, after all, what is wrong with the maggot anyway? Maggots have been used medicinally since the 16th century, as they are spectacularly good at cleaning wounds and leaving behind the healthy, fresh skin.

It's called Maggot Therapy and coincidentally, it is said that as a maggot crawls over your skin it gives you a very gentle and therapeutic massage.

We suggest that perhaps we are working a bit of our own Maggot Therapy with the TMAGgots, by helping to eat away at the notions some people have that museums and similar places are disconnected from and not relevant to younger audiences.

We hope to gradually reveal a fresher and stronger museum and entice people to explore hidden Hobart.

How do I become a TMAGgot?

Membership of the TMAGgots is open to all, particularly those culture vultures who like to do things differently! For $30 per year, members receive:

  • 10% discount on purchases at the Courtyard CafĂ© and the Museum Shop
  • discounted tickets at the Playhouse Theatre for their season productions
  • access to special member-only events and offers during the year
  • membership to the AFFM (Australian Federation of Friends of Museums) which entails discounted entry to museums in Australia and internationally.

Further information

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