Narryna Image Gallery

Narryna6 dresses Nursery_doll

Left: Captain Andrew Haig (1793-1871), builder of Narryna, miniature portrait, artist unknown
Centre: Ashes to Ashes, Narryna's Dark MOFO 2015 exhibition featured 19th century mourning costumes
Right: Bakelite doll c. 1920, Narryna nursery


Narryna's drawing room following restoration in 2013. Photo: Simon Cuthbert

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Left: Narryna from the camellia garden
Right: Copy books were used by students to perfect their handwriting, Narryna collection


Narryna's kitchen. Photo: Peter Robinson


Narryna dining room vignette


Mrs Anne Coverdale, oil on canvas by Knut Bull c. 1855


Narryna's landholding originally extended from Hampden Road to the high watermark. In 1834, Captain Andrew Haig built the pair of warehouses facing Salamanca Place which are visible at the centre of the above image.