Annual Appeal 2017

Annual Appeal 2017

TMAG holds a special place with many Tasmanians from childhood to grandparent, from student to participant. In the past few years interest in, and visitation to TMAG, has steadily increased not to mention national recognition for our award winning exhibitions.

What TMAG offers children and families and how we engage is something we’ve taken special interest in.  Over the past few years we know the first journeys into science, art and culture are often at TMAG; we spark the imagination and fuel the inquiring mind.  Every child should be able to visit our museum and art gallery; their eyes be filled with wonder, their creative mind allowed to run free.

By supporting TMAG you can help young people learn, develop and grow.

With a new strategic direction in place, and continued sound financial management we are on course to deliver a balanced budget for the second year in a row. While Government support underpins our operations, with your support we can do more.

We have made a concerted effort to extend our education and discovery activities to children of all ages through our free education, school and family programs, exhibitions like Pattern Play, the TMAG Children’s Reference Panel and the annual Children’s Festival – which had almost 14,000 visitors this year.

Your help and support can ensure we continue to make this happen.

  • A donation of $50 could support the travel cost for one of our specially designed Museum Boxes: part of our outreach service to remote and regional schools across Tasmania
  • A donation of $100 could enable us to maintain and restock our popular Children’s Discovery Backpacks, full of fun and educational tools to maximise a child’s visit
  • A donation of $250 would assist any number of schools across the state to visit TMAG
  • A donation of $500 could contribute to an entire afternoon of guest educators at one of our major exhibitions like the upcoming Tassie Devil exhibition planned for December 2017

We warmly thank our current supporters and generous donors to these programs and thank you in advance for contributing to our first Annual Appeal. All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

Your donation today, no matter what size, will make a huge contribution to the TMAG world of life long and life changing learning.

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